Political Advertising at its Best

Union Terminal, Issue 8 Ad

Nominated for a Regional Emmy in 2015, this 30 second spot tells the story of an elderly woman named Bev who had memories deeply embedded in Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio. On the ballot as Issue 8 in 2014, this tax levy passed with nearly 60% of the vote.

Pappas Mobile Ad

Easily one of Prime Media’s most creative advertisements. In 2016 Andrew Pappas was a candidate for Hamilton County Commissioner and utilized light hearted humor to build support through social and earned media. This spot ran on social media platforms and garnered earned media attention from local outlets like the Cincinnati Enquirer to as far away as the New York Daily News. You’ll notice that this production will stir memories in anyone who was a fan of 1980’s television shows.

Heekin for Judge Ad

Judicial races are never easy from a creativity standpoint. It can be difficult to make these candidates pop when they are unable to talk about issues and are required to stick to strict campaign guidelines. Despite this, this ad for Tom Heekin for Common Pleas Judge was a perfect way to tap into the angst of the average voter without pointing to any one issue. This caught fire on social media and helped push Heekin to a win in 2016.

Beagle for Congress Ad

When John Boehner resigned from Congress in 2015, over a dozen candidates jumped into a special election. Trying to stand out in a field of so many people, our team worked with State Senator Bill Beagle to put together this memorable ad.

Lee for Sheriff Bio Video

When it comes to candidates that have never run for elected office before, introducing them to the public and building name ID is critical. As a 33 year veteran of the Cincinnati Police Department, Gary Lee had the experience but had yet to receive the recognition. This brief biographical video helped introduce Gary to the voters in a very memorable and visually appealing way.

Winkler TV Ad

In 2014, Hamilton County, Ohio experienced a showdown between two of the most well known political names in the region for Probate Judge. Sitting Common Pleas Judge Ralph Winkler faced off against former Mayor of Cincinnati Charlie Luken. When it comes to effective media strategies, messaging and high quality production is only part of the equation. Knowing when, where, and how much to place that media is critical. This ended up being one of the deciding factors leading to a Winkler victory. A month out from Election Day, polling indicated that Winkler was down by 7 points to Luken and was not performing as well with Republicans as he should have been. We placed a radio ad targeted on conservative radio while Luken went up on tv with a diluted buy that stretched for over a month. This was a waste of money on Luken’s part and allowed our strategic buy to move numbers. Within two weeks we had closed the gap and in the end won by 7 points. At one point Luken even released a radio ad responding to our ad, which was a clear indicator that our strategy was working. We took control of the narrative, spent our money wisely and strategically, and ultimately won the highest profile race in the 2014 cycle in Southwest Ohio. Listen to Winkler's radio Ad here

The Primary race for State Representative in District 28 was a similar story. Two weeks out polling indicated that Jonathan Dever was trailing Rick Bryan by over 15 points. Bryan, like Luken, had been up with paid media for over a month. Instead of trying to match the length of his buy we ensured that we had a strong, saturated buy over a 10 day period at the very end of the campaign. This reputation trumped Bryan and allowed Dever to win by 66 votes. This goes to show that having money is one thing, but knowing how to spend it is even more critical to the results of your race. Listen to Dever's radio Ad here

Great Parks, Issue 52 Ad

Passing a property tax increase in an historically conservative county is no easy feat. To do this effectively combining good fundraising numbers, consistent grassroots activity, and a media strategy that could persuade undecided voters was essential. All of this came to fruition in 2016 and allowed Issue 52 to pass easily. This ad was strategically placed to move numbers with our conservative audience and it did just that. Winning 534 out of 535 precincts proves that this strategy cut across all demographics of voters.